M3M India

M3M India today, is No. 2 in real estate builder India & No. 1 in North India with standing for recognizing developing real estate markets, knowing objectives in existence development, achieving the modulations of extravagance, and re-joining with ventures that capture the exclusive spirit of changing India. In under 10 years, M3M Properties has arisen as a notable real estate developer with quickness, class, and modernization being at the center of its thought. The M3M Group has launched a ton of iconic projects, arranged and created by top-of-the-line accomplices. They symbolize the new active Millennium Gurgaon.

During the last economic year, the Group noted Sales worth 5,500 Cr. As far as region, near 10,00,000 sq. meters. (10 million sq. ft.) of land was set up by M3M last year, making it one of the significant land aggregates the country over. Approx. 15,00,000 sq. meter. (15 million sq. ft.) of extent will be advanced by the Group in near upcoming as well. The brand accomplished 3,700 Crores cost of Sales in the last financial year. The brand is positioned #1 in North India and is among the best 2 brands in the country.

Exactly fashioned and expressively planned, M3M residential & commercial property is the perfect address to be in. An existence standard in Gurugram, today and tomorrow, our flourishing communities are our major accomplishment.